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Removable Thermal Insulation

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Removable Thermal Insulation is used in industrial equipment in which thernal transfer is happening, such as pipes, valves, flanges, etc. While Permanent Hard Insulation is suitable for equipment that rarely subject to maintenance, Removable Thermal Insulation is suitable for equipment that requires routine maintenance and inspection since it is readily removable and reusable.

While removable thermal insulation are typically one of the last items to be installed before a facility goes into production, they are a critical component when it comes to site safety and system stability.

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  • Heat retention and freeze protection
  • Personnel protection against burns from hot components.
  • Energy savings from reduced heat loss to surrounding environtment.
  • Sound attenuation.
  • Insulation is easily removed and replaced to allow for maintenance and inspection.

Removable Insulation Blankets can also provide sound attenuation.

Industrial process equipment can have such complex structure in which extreme thermal activity is occurring. Leaving them with improperly designed insulation might lead to operation failures and even workplace accidents.

Improperly designed insulation can result in :

  • Excessive thermal transfer that resulted in inefficient energy use and even jeopardizing workplace safety
  • Equipment failures
  • Degradation of product quality


Proper measurements, drawings, and photos

Industrial process equipment can have such complex structure in which extreme thermal activity is occurring. Taking accurate measurements is integral in ensuring that the insulation is properly constructed and perfectly fit for the equipment. Drawings and photos might also come in handy for the design process. If you have no qualified person on staff to take proper measurements, you can wotk together with an insulation constructor which can provide you with highly skilled insulation installers.

There are several considerations before you choose an insulation company to work with. Price competitiveness cetainly plays a big role in choosing which company to work with, but nevertheless, make sure that they have credible track record indicated by their product qualitym punctuality, and customer service. Make sure you work with a company that can guarantee you a product and service of quality, not just an empty promise of product affordability.

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