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In Several types of industry, the piping system plays an important role such as conveying fluids. However, sometimes there is an issue with the conveyance due to pressure and vibration. Prolonged issue could lead to bad consequences and even explosion.

To Prevent this, the piping sustem must be equipped with several features, one of which is to install an Expansion Joint into the piping system.

Some Functions of Expansion Joint :

  • Reducing Vibrations on pipe joint through wich liquids or gases
  • Reducing the occurrence of shifts between pipes so that there are no leaks
  • Reducing pressure¬† when liquid or gas condition pass through the pipe

Material : 304, 316, 316 Stainless Steel

Temperature : -198 C to +648 C (-325 F to + 1200 F)

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Reasons to chose a FABRIC or METAL pipe Expansion Joint
  • Maintenance Free
  • Non Incombustible
  • Withstand a large range of temperatures from high temperature to cryogenic
  • Can be used for high pressure service
  • Used for a variety of process condition including air, steam, liquid, cryogenic, etc
  • Does not allow leakage of gases or liquids
  • Two-ply testable bellows
  • Good for high temperature application
  • High movement capabilities
  • No size restraints
  • Less expensive to design and fabricate
  • Generaly less cost with quick delivery on larger size
  • Easy to repair and preset
  • Acomodates torsional movement

Gallery Expansion Joint Metal


304, 316, 316 Stainless Steel


-198 C to +648 C (-325 F to + 1200 F)


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