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Spiral Wound Gasket

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Spiral Wound Gaskets are a type of metallic gasket, generally used for sealing at high temperatures, high pressures such as boilers, pressure vessels & piping systems. Spiral Wound Gaskets refer to applicable codes such as B16.20, EN-1514-2, B-2404, API-601. These gaskets are identified by flange size (NPS), pressure class, and the appropriate flange standard such as B16.20 gaskets applied to standard B16.47A and B16.47B flange.

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SPIRAL WOUND GASKET OB Style This type of gasket consists of inner ring and sealing element. It is most suitable for RF and FF flanges We made it accordingly to the ASME B16.20/Dln standards to guarantee its quality. OBI Style The standard OBI style consists of outer ring, sealing element, and inner ring. the outer ring is color coded based on the material that constructs it. It possess heat and corrosion resistant quality due to its extra inner ring fitted that provides an additional compression stop. B Style Style  B gasket consists of sealing ement only. It comes  with some additional layers of winding strip when used in tongue and groove and male/female flanges. It is available in various shapes, including oval, obround, and diamond.



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