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Fabric expansion joit is a connection used in industiral equipment to compensate thermal expansion. This type of joint is made of special woven fabric coated with elastomers or fluoropolymers.

Fabric expansion joint are used to insulation & reduce vibration. Fabric expansion joint is highly flexible and offers various alternatives for the piping design. besides, it is also customizable that easily suited to any mechanical operating system and it is perfectly easy to install and transport. Fabric expansion joint can only be installed in a system that involves low pressure and dry material.

Our Service For Expansion Joints Includes :

  • Installation
  • Replacement (dismantling and installation)
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Supervision of installation
  • Assisting Installation
  • Inspection
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Fabric expansion joint is inserted into the area where the movement will occur. There are two components of fabric expansion joint: the fabric gas seal, and the metal frames. The fabric gas seal is like a belt with two edges clamped together to the metal frames and formed a closed loop. As the ducting contracted, the fabric belt expands.

The fabric meterial could withstand this occurrence without tearing or leaking despite being exposed to high temperatures and/or corrosive material. Sometimes, insulation equipment is utilized to protect the fabric material.

Application :

  • Chemical process plants
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Power stations
  • Shipbuilding
  • Steel plants
  • Sugar plants
  • Gas turbine


Free design for fabric expansion joint since its construction depands on various factors for the application. Fabric expansion joint is available in both configurations, single-layer and multi-layer fabric elements. The multi-layer fabric element consists of :

  1. Multi Layer Fabric
  2. Backup Flange
  3. Bolt and Nut
  4. Frame
  5. Metal Sleeve
  6. Pillow/Bolster


Fabric expansion joint is so versatile that it couldwithstand a single or even a combination of movements such as :

The narrowing of the breach opening along the duct’s axis which resulted from the ducting’s thermal expansion.


The expansion of the breach opening along the duct’s axis. In some systems, the expansion joint may be extended as a result of the duct thermal expansion.

The relative movement of the upstream and downstream faces in the direction perpendicular to the axis of the duct.

The twisting of one side of the duct about an axis perpendicular of the longitudinal axis.

The twisting of one side of the duct about the longitudinal axis.



Fabric expansion joint is commonly provided as a belt, but as previously mentioned, there is no template design for its construction. The proper construction depands on the condition of the work area and the system temperature.

  1. Low temperatures (up to 300 C)
  2. Low to medium velocity
  3. Low to medium dust load

i.e.: Clean air ducts.

  1. Large movements
  2. Low velocity
  3. Kiw dust content
  4. Low temperature

i.e.: Pulp and paper industry.

  1. Low flow velocity
  2. Low dust content
  3. Low temperature (up to 450 C)

The design can be made both with and without sleeve. The sleeve primarily acts to protect the fabric expansion joint from the particles in the flow medium.

i.e.: Chemical industry (wet and dry).

  1. Medium temperature range (up to 500 C)
  2. Higher fow velocities
  3. Medium dust content in the fow

i.e.: High temperature flue gas duct systems in conventional power stations.

  1. Medium temperatures (up to 600 C)
  2. High dust content
  3. High flow

i.e.: High temperature flue gas duct systems in conventional power stations.

  1. Medium to high temperatures (up to 600 C)
  2. Very high dust content
  3. Low to high flow velocities

The floating sleeve gives good protection againts dust whilst allowing lateral movement.

i.e.: Cement industry.


We extend our service in providing fabric expansion joint to the onsite services. Our service started from the initial design, construction, installation and even continued evermore throughout the use of the equipment. We are armed with a team full of highly skilled and experienced installers who have mastered various site conditions, and work with high compliancy to the safety regulation.


Up to +12000 C


Up to 3.0 bar


All sizes and with or without steel parts, For installation in existing duct and/or pipework the fabric expansion joints are supplied with either cloed or open band.


Circular and Rectangular


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